The best area to stay in Vienna; Benjamin Thomas; TravelTipy

Austria – Historic Centre of Vienna

At the gateway to the Balkans, the Austrian capital is one of Europe’s most important cultural centres! Here are the best neighbourhoods to stay in Vienna.

Vienna is the capital of Austria. With a population of 1.8 million and home to major international institutions – such as OSCE, OPEC, IAEA and United Nations agencies – it is the largest German-speaking metropolis in the world after Berlin. Staying in Vienna is expensive, but to visit a city that attracts 3.7 million visitors a year, and a city that has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2001, is a priceless opportunity.

Divided by the Wien and the Danube rivers, – the former capital of the Holy Roman Empire and the Habsburgs – Vienna is the main economic, cultural and political centre of Austria. The city comprises many neighbourhoods with many places to stay in its 23 districts. Below is a non-exhaustive list to make your stay in Vienna a success.

Innere Stadt, city centre

Innere Stadt, the central 3 km2 is the real nucleus of the city, and the best district to taste the famous Sacher pie in its many cafes and restaurants.

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