Bringing forth the Forth Bridge; AS Ganesh; The Hindu


UK – The Forth Bridge

On March 4, 1890, the Prince of Wales put a golden rivet in place, thereby declaring the Forth Bridge open. Crossed by about 200 trains a day even now, the Forth Bridge is an engineering marvel that has stood the test of time. A.S.Ganesh hands you the details of how this cantilever bridge came to be…

If you are someone who lives in Kolkata, or have visited the place during one of your holidays, then you surely must have seen the Howrah Bridge. A famous symbol of the city and the State, the bridge has connected Howrah and Kolkata from 1943. With a main span of 457 m, the Howrah Bridge was the third-longest cantilever bridge at the time of its construction and currently occupies the sixth spot.

Since the 19th century

Pont de Quebec in Canada with a span of 549 m and Forth Bridge in Scotland with a span of 521 m were the only ones that were longer than Howrah Bridge while it was constructed. And out of those two, the Forth Bridge has stood the test of time longer, as it came into existence in the 19th century…

Popular crossing

Source: Bringing forth the Forth Bridge

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