It’s fake: The shocking truth behind world-famous attractions; Ben Groundwater; Traveller

Poland – Historic Centre of Warsaw

The world is not always what it seems. Anyone who’s travelled could tell you that. This globe is filled with paradoxes and contradictions, with things that may or may not be real, with people who stretch the truth or attempt to deceive, with alternative facts and fake news.

Sometimes, it can be hard to figure it all out. What you see is not always what you get, and that goes for tourism as much as anything else. Is that souvenir authentic? Is this experience legit? Does this attraction actually have any historical significance whatsoever? It isn’t always easy to tell.

So, inspired by the current era of fake news, we thought we’d turn the spotlight on the fake tourist attractions: the sites and locations that aren’t quite what they seem. Maybe these places are obviously and harmlessly phony. Maybe there’s some deception involved. Or maybe there’s just more to these famous attractions than travellers would initially realise.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t visit. The world is not what it seems – and isn’t that what makes it great?



Source: It’s fake: The shocking truth behind world-famous attractions


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