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Jordan – Petra

From time to we like to group allot of articles on a single subject, and present them as a small guide. The title under the picture is a link to another post with additional information. Most of the photo’s within this guide are from an area centered around Petra, and the deserts that surround this site. We hope you enjoy this small tour from our own eyes, and just maybe we inspire you to go there for yourself.

In Southwest Jordan you will find an amazing desert, colorful, extremely hot, with rugged mountains and deep canyons. Amid all this natural beauty you will find the city of Petra, built during the time of the Nabataean Kingdom between 100 B.C. to 106 A.D. For years Petra was a major trading center and capital city of the empire of the Nabataean people. Then for centuries it lay in ruin, empty, and forgotten. The city was lost for centuries. Now this beautiful hidden city is a UNESCO World Heritage Center.

The Nabataeans occupied Petra till the close of the Roman Empire.

Source: Travel Channel – Tips for Traveling the World| Explore Traveler


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