Top Day Trips From Athens For All Kinds of Travelers; Chris & Mary; AGreekAdventure

Greece – Archaeological Site of Mystras

Most travelers don’t know that there are lots and lots day trips from Athens. For many who come from abroad Athens is a 2 to 3 day destination for them. However there are tons of things to do in Athens.

Check at least 40 top things to do in Athens. Don’t forget to read why Greece is a really affordable country. Even for students! It is one of the cheapest (but with high quality) destinations in Europe.

So, before hoping on the next ferry to the amazing Greek islands, give more time to explore Athens and whitewashed beaches of Mainland Greece. Yes, you read it right!

Athens is a great base to experience vacations all over Attica region.

This includes great beaches, mountains, ancient monuments, museums, hundreds of outdoor activities, bars, great restaurants and top street food.

So, there are things to inside Athens but there are much more close to Athens.

How to receive the best from your Day Trips from Athens

Source: Top Day Trips From Athens For All Kinds of Travelers – AGreekAdventure – Adventure Travel Blog

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