14 Things you Must Do in Cape Town; Brooke Saward; WORLD OF WANDERLUST

South Africa – Robben Island

Ever since my first visit four years ago, I’ve long been obsessed with the city of Cape Town and its flexibility to take on so many personas. Part city part adventure hub, there’s so much to see in Cape Town and surrounds, that I’m sure a list thrice this long would be easy enough to create. However the beauty of Cape Town is that you can pick and choose the best activities that suit your interests, so for WOW readers, I’ve selected the 14 things you must do in Cape Town to make the most of the city in a few days.

1. Visit the top of Table Mountain

The crowning jewel in the crown that is Cape Town is without a doubt the view on top of Table Mountain. If time is on your side and you don’t mind an early start, hiking Table Mountain is a great way to start the day and feel like you’ve “earned” those views.

Source: 14 Things you Must Do in Cape Town | WORLD OF WANDERLUST


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