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Belgium – La Grand-Place, Brussels

The Grand Place or Grote Markt is the Central Square of Brussels. Amazing Gothic buildings make up the sides of this elegant square. The cities Town Hall and The King’s House or Breadhouse are two elaborate buildings that face the square. Within the King’s House is the Museum Of Brussels.

The Grand Place is the most magnificent square in all of Europe, and is  223 feet by 361 feet. It is a major tourist destination and one can not easily forget such an outstanding landmark. The square is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This medieval square is one of the grandest in all of Europe.

The magnificent Gothic City Hall, which is 315 feet tall, is on the South side of Grand Place and is topped with a 12 ft statue of Saint Michael destroying a demon.

This impressive Gothic Town Hall, also known as the Hotel de Ville, was built in the early 15th century. It is still in use for marriages and other official business of the Mayor of Brussels. It is open to the public only during official tours.

Source: Travel Channel – Tips for Traveling the World| Explore Traveler


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