Luxury Latin America With Quasar Expeditions; Debbie Olsen; Travel Age West

Ecuador – City of Quito

Whether in Quito, Ecuador, or elsewhere in Latin America, this high-end tour operator offers excellent service and quality experiences

We had been sitting on the tarmac for about 15 minutes when the pilot announced that the airplane was having a mechanical issue. Two hours later, the flight finally departed, but it wasn’t fast enough for me — I missed my connecting flight to Quito, Ecuador, by 15 minutes.

Stranded in Houston for 24 hours without my checked bags, I frantically messaged Quasar Expeditions to let them know what had happened and see if they could rearrange the itinerary. The timing was poor — the Quito office was closed for the evening, and the next day was a national holiday. I wasn’t sure anyone would get my message, but they did. Within a few hours, the team at Quasar Expeditions managed to reorganize my travel plans, including an airport pickup by an English-speaking guide.

Tour operators with inside connections in a destination can be invaluable to travel agents in assisting with the organization of unforgettable itineraries, but the real test of a tour operator comes when things go wrong. Even the best-planned itineraries can have hiccups.

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