32 Photos that Prove Valletta is Europe’s Prettiest Capital City; Meeroona; Strada 2.0

Malta – City of Valletta

Spanning bright blue sea vistas, breathtaking Baroque architecture, and ancient fortifications bathed in golden sunshine, these 32 photos capture the beauty of Valletta, the European Capital of Culture 2018.

There’s no better time to visit Valletta than now, when the beautiful Maltese city shares the title of European Capital of Culture 2018 with Leeuwarden, Netherlands.

A UNESCO World Heritage site, this city exudes history from every square inch of its narrow cobblestoned streets, from every ornate Baroque building and imposing rampart, gently lapped by the blue Mediterranean Sea.

But, within the ancient walls of this glorious fortress, life bubbles in sunny piazzas lined with elegant outdoor cafés, around honey-colored limestone palazzi, and beneath enclosed wooden balconies painted in bright colors.

Though small, the capital is home to the largest concentration of art in Europe, and the beautifully restored centuries-old townhouses dotted throughout play host to some of Valletta’s best boutique accommodations.

Founded in 1565 by the Order of St John, Valletta is a delightful mélange of Arabic, British, and Italian influences, all of which shine in its majestic architecture, delectable cuisine, and vibrant cultural life.

Source: 32 Photos that Prove Valletta is Europe’s Prettiest Capital City


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