Antoni Gaudi: “God’s Architect” who Brought Buildings to Life; Christopher McFadden; Interesting Engineering

Spain – Works of Antoni Gaudí

Antoni Gaudi,  a Spanish architect, is best known for his organic and free-flowing architecture. His work is easily identified by its distinctive mixture of form, color, texture, and organic aesthetics. Born into a poor family in Catalonia on the June 25th, 1852 he quickly showed a great interest in architecture – a passion that would consume him for the rest of his life.

Antoni did his schooling in Barcelona, which is a city that houses most of his great works. He was also a part of the Catalan Modernista movement that eventually morphed his nature-inspired style.

His works were primarily influenced by his passions in life. These included architecture, nature, and religion. Gaudi’s attention to detail was unsurpassed, and his integration of materials like ceramics, stained glass, wrought iron, and even carpentry mesmerized many. Antoni also introduced some new techniques in the treatment of materials such as using waste ceramic pieces (trencadis).

God’s Architect Antoni Gaudi

Source: Antoni Gaudi: “God’s Architect” who Brought Buildings to Life


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