On the UNESCO World Heritage Bernina Express from Switzerland to Italy; Justine Tyerman; Stuff

Italy – Rhaetian Railway in the Albula / Bernina Landscapes

The enormity and beauty of the landscape on the journey from Switzerland to Italy is more than a little overwhelming.

There was nothing wrong with the seats inside the train – they were plush and luxurious with massive panoramic windows and hostesses serving gourmet food and champagne. We had paid a premium for the seats … but we never actually sat in them.

We spent the entire 2½t hours from Samedan in Eastern Switzerland over the Bernina Pass to Tirano in Northern Italy standing in an open carriage at the rear of the train, lurching from one side to the other, spellbound by the staggering landscape and the utter perfection of the cloudless, autumn day.

My heart rate started to ramp up as soon as the bright red Rhaetian Railway locomotive with the Bernina Express sign slid into the station in Samedan, hauling a string of panoramic carriages which looked like glass capsules.

Source: On the UNESCO World Heritage Bernina Express from Switzerland to Italy

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