Men not allowed: Villages where women focus on themselves; Swapna Mohanty; Catch News

Japan – Sacred Island of Okinoshima and Associated Sites in the Munakata Region

While a sacred island which was recently declared world heritage site by UNESCO situated in south-west Japan, Okinoshima, bans women and allows up to 200 men a year to step in the island where Shinto priest offer prayers to the island’s goddess. There are a few islands and places in the world that are inhabited by women. Recent inclusion in this list of only women island is ‘SuperSheIsland’.


Located in a remote valley, a small town named ‘ Noiva do Cordeiro’ nestling in the hills of southeast Brazil, 300 miles north of Rio de Janeiro is a home to 600 women aging between (20 years-35 years).

Dating back to 1891, this place has single women, divorced women, and women who are ready to marry but they would allow men to live there only if they abide by their rules.

Even if some of them are married but they make it a point that their husband is forced to work away from home and allowed only on weekends.

Source: Men not allowed: Villages where women focus on themselves

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