A guide to Moscow’s stunning cathedrals; Nellie Huang; G-Adventures

Russia – Kremlin and Red Square, Moscow

There’s more than Saint Basil’s

Russia has the highest number of Orthodox Christians in the entire world, totalling close to 101 million people. It’s no wonder the country is home to so many majestic churches and cathedrals. And the Russian capital, Moscow, is naturally where all the country’s biggest and most lavish monuments are located.

The architecture of Russia’s religious buildings vary in style, from Baroque to extravagant Renaissance-style to traditional Russian. And while they look different from one another, there are some features they all share: gold turrets, fresco paintings, colourful mosaics, and the most distinguishable of all, the onion domes. Here are some of the must-sees:

Saint Basil’s Cathedral

Let’s begin at the historical and spiritual centre of Moscow, Red Square. This was once the focal point of the Orthodox Church, and also the control centre for Russia’s political parties. There are a few Cathedrals and churches right on the square, but the most prominent building of them all is the whimsical Saint Basil’s Cathedral, which has become an icon of Moscow.

Source: A guide to Moscow’s stunning cathedrals


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