11 Best Places to Visit in Vietnam; Charity De Souza; Trips To Discover

Viet Nam – Ha Long Bay

An alluring combination of striking landscapes and cultural experiences, a visit to Vietnam means you can encounter anything from tropical…

Ha Long Bay 

Not only is Ha Long Bay a spectacular collection of 2,000 karst outcrops, but this natural wonder is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Explore these natural wonders and discover the limestone islands that sit in the bay in the Gulf of Tonkin, where the views are best seen from a boat cruising on the waters. Go on an overnight tour to see the views change throughout the day or hop on a kayak and explore the mammoth caverns with stalagmites and stalactites.


Hanoi is Vietnam’s buzzing capital, where the sound of motorbikes and street vendors are a constant presence. The Old Quarter showcases businesses as they did hundreds of years ago, offering a glimpse into the local life. The open-air museum features historic Asian and French colonial architecture, where you can take a stroll down its scenic tree-lined streets, browse the busy markets and visit the city’s collection of excellent museums.

Source: 11 Best Places to Visit in Vietnam


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