Wild Passions Converge! | WildAid Passion for Galapagos; Shira White; BeautifulNow

Ecuador – Galápagos Islands

If you’re passionate about nature and saving the most precious ecosystems on the planet, check out the exceptional WildAid Passion for Galapagos cruise.

Passion can save the world. If you have passion for wild beauty, if you care deeply about our natural world, and if you long for your next thrill of adventure, WildAid Passion for Galapagos belongs on your bucket list.

The Galapagos Islands form one of the most important archipelagos in the world when it comes to wildlife and natural ecosystems.  Home to nearly 3,000 marine species, many which are found nowhere else on earth, the wild beauty here is unparalleled. And WildAid Passion, is a truly unique way to experience it.

The Galapagos Islands are a priceless UNESCO World Heritage.

WildAid Passion is not just an exceptional luxury cruise across the Galapagos archipelago, it is literally a life-saver.

Angermeyer Cruises / Andando Tours and WildAid have joined forces to protect the Galapagos ecosystem with the creation of the Galapagos Conservation Fund. Your cruise aboard the WildAid Passion helps to protect protect this unique place and all that lives there.

Source: Wild Passions Converge! | WildAid Passion for Galapagos | BeautifulNow


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