Stunning vacation destinations you’ve probably never heard of; MSN

Sudan – Archaeological Sites of the Island of Meroe


The 200 pyramids here date from around 2,700 years ago, and are smaller and narrower in design than their Egyptian counterparts. Since 2011, the area has been an UNESCO World Heritage Site and s becoming increasingly popular with adventurous travellers.


This beautiful medieval city, is known for its decorative, classical-style porcelain. Visit the nearby harbor city of La Rochelle or take to the sea by visiting the Île de Ré, immortalised in the’ “Musketeers” novels of Alexandre Dumas.


This well-hidden reserve in Madhya Pradesh is home to over 100 tigers as well as monkeys, leopards and impressively diverse birdlife. If you’re looking for a safari a little more off the beaten track, this is one to consider.


Straddling the Wislok river in southeastern Poland, the picturesque town of Rzeszów is forging a reputation as a city break destination. Its beautifully-preserved Old Town and Market Square, plus the nearby 15th century Rzeszów Castle, are real gems for the intrepid visitor.


Growing from a fortified 11th century Moravian town, the Czech Republic’s second city is a vibrant university town and cultural center.

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