Five Romantic Cities That Are Not Named Venice;

China – Classical Gardens of Suzhou

Whenever you hear of Venice there’s something romantic that comes up to your mind. It’s not a coincidence that exactly Venice is the world’s best known city for the lovers and their romances. However, it’s not just Venice the only romantic place in the world. There are thousands of cities with a beautiful love stories and such atmosphere. You should just check out list of suggestions and prove yourself wrong for dreaming about Venice all the time! Below you can see a list of five romantic cities.

Birmingham, UK

Even though standing on the small River Rea, Birmingham is the most popular English city that reminds of Venice for its structure and architecture. With a population of about 1.1 million of people, Birmingham is the most populous city in Britain outside London.

Tigre, Argentina

Tigre is a small Argentinian town in the province of Buenos Aires. It’s located just 28 km away from the capital city of Argentina. It lies on the Parana Delta and it is very popular touristic destination. It has only about 380.000 inhabitants.

Suzhou, China

Source: Five Romantic Cities That Are Not Named Venice –

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