Time travel in Turkey; Jane Mundy; The Province

Turkey – Göreme National Park and the Rock Sites of Cappadocia

No trip to Turkey is complete without visiting magical Cappadocia, the majestic ancient ruins of Ephesus and the metropolis of Izmir.

Cappadocia is other-worldly, like stepping into a fairy tale. Its lunar landscape is best appreciated at sunrise from a hot-air balloon, drifting over fairy chimneys and fertile valleys of orchards and vineyards.

A few places like Goreme are Disneyesque, its Flintstones streets lined with ATV and scooter rentals (kids love it of course). But you can walk to other villages, find endless caves and rock-climbing opportunities bereft of tourists. And you can scramble around these shoot-up conical chimneys, some as high as 40 metres, the result of wind and rain action and eruptions of now extinct volcanoes. All that volcanic action also resulted in a rich soil where grapes thrive.

Our guide told us that Cappadocians kept pigeons for their guano, which was used to fertilize their fields, and it too proved to be the perfect primer for grapes. Add to that mix the nearby Red River and no wonder there are excellent wine-tasting experiences here, but that’s another story.

Source: Time travel in Turkey


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