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China – China Danxia

No, not rainbows on the mountains, we actually mean rainbows IN the mountains. And you can see them in Peru, Iceland and China — or, probably much closer to home, in Arizona.

It’s true: rainbow mountains exist! In fact, there are four around the world that you can explore, hike and of course, take stunning photos of for your Instagram.

These mountains are vibrant, colorful rock and sand formations created from a combination of tectonic plate movement, layered sediment and erosion. Basically, layered sandstone and minerals built up over millions of years and when tectonic plates moved, the colors began to appear. Combine that with water erosion, freezing and thawing and wind and voilà, epic rainbow-colored mountains appear.

So plan to add the following to your bucket list:

Vermilion Cliffs, Arizona, USA

Just south of Utah along Highway 89A, you can see these massive, colorful sand and rock formations from your car window. During the 19th century, a wagon route was created through the cliffs so settlers could get from Utah to Arizona.

Source: Check Out One of the World’s Epic Wonders: Rainbow Mountains

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