Vienna: Perfect Family Holiday Destination for Indians;

Austria – Historic Centre of Vienna

Austrian capital Vienna is one of the finest places to visit with your family in 2018. Here’s why!

At a time when Vienna’s tourism industry looks back at 2017 as its best year ever – 15.5 million visitor bed nights – Indian travelers too hotfooted to Vienna, known for its imperial history, magnificent palaces and gardens. In 2017, over 58,000 Indians spent nearly 128,000 bed nights in the Austrian capital, an impressive 11% increase over 2016.

“The welcoming attitude of the people of Vienna helped ensure that visitors have delightful experiences and return to their homes with wonderful memories,” says Isabella Rauter, Public Relations Manager for Vienna Tourist Board.

With its red trams, magnificent museums, ornate palaces, atmospheric coffeehouses and its UNESCO World Heritage listed historic city centre, Vienna seamlessly combines a cultural break with the outdoors activities making it the ideal destination for family holidays. The city‘s efficient public transport system comprising tram, bus and metro is as convenient for small children in strollers as it is for the elderly.

Source: Vienna: Perfect Family Holiday Destination for Indians

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