Historic maqaad reopens; Nevine El-Aref; Ahram

Egypt – Historic Cairo

The maqaad Mamay Al-Seifi in Islamic Cairo has been successfully restored and reopened to the public this week, reports Nevine El-Aref

Islamic Cairo, listed on UN cultural agency UNESCO’s World Heritage List of outstanding cultural and natural heritage sites worldwide, is the best surviving collection of Islamic monuments in the world, dating from the seventh to the 20th century.

However, over recent decades environmental pollution, population density and other factors have posed increasing threats to the historic city. In 2002, a rehabilitation project to rescue it was launched, and many buildings and monuments were restored, among them those along historic Al-Muizz li-Din Allah Street and its neighbouring alleyways.

Road surfaces were given appropriate treatment and the street furniture was enhanced. Residential houses were given a make-over, bringing them into line with the area’s historical character and urban fabric, and a high-tech drainage system was installed as well as a new lighting system.

In 2010, the area was declared a pedestrian zone where people could enjoy the magnificent Islamic monuments within their original environment and experience the traditions and customs of those who lived during the various periods of the Islamic era.

Source: Historic maqaad reopens


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