Did You Know This Tropical Island Existed?; Kate Springer; Fodor’s 

Korea Republic – Jeju Volcanic Island and Lava Tubes

One of Asia’s most popular islands is one you might not have heard of: Jeju, off the southern coast of South Korea.

Created by volcanic eruptions more than 2 million years ago, Jeju Island, the UNESCO World Heritage Site has been likened to the “Hawaii of South Korea,” thanks to its black sand beaches, tropical climate, dramatic cliffs, and amazing lava tubes. And because of its beautiful natural landscape and 360 volcanoes dotted about the island, Jeju was named one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature. The diverse scenery lends itself to adventure seekers, who will appreciate the island’s excellent hiking, biking, diving, and fresh air. From South Korea’s highest mountain to the ancient volcanic craters and “Peanut Island” off the coast, here’s an action-packed guide to help you make the most of the island’s natural beauty.

Climb Mount Halla

Jeju is home to the tallest mountain in South Korea, Mount Halla (Hallasan), at 6,397 feet above sea level. It’s in the center of the pristine eponymous Hallasan National Park, which is worth a visit even if you’re not planning to hike to the top.

Source: Did You Know This Tropical Island Existed?


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