Day Trips from London: Cardiff, Manchester and More; Karen Gardiner; Marriott Traveler

UK – Dorset and East Devon Coast

Having explored London, see more of the U.K as the locals do and follow the Brits to some of the country’s other great destinations on these day trips from London.

London is a fascinating city with endless attractions, but locals and visitors too often find themselves sticking to the city’s confines — despite any number of unheralded getaways within easy reach.

Should you find yourself itching to see more of the U.K., these towns and their environs offer a wealth of unexpected charms, from a rocking musical heritage and funky street art, to architectural feats and scenic stretches of coastlines even the savviest Brits have yet to explore.

Not only are the following cities an ideal jaunt from London in their own right, they each offer a starting point from which to head into the countryside and explore even deeper.


The U.K.’s second-biggest city has an unmistakable charm and swagger. Mancunians, as Manchester natives are known, are rightfully proud of their city’s industrial heritage, but it’s their creative industries that currently thrive.

Source: Day Trips from London: Cardiff, Manchester and More | Marriott Traveler


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