Things to do in Hoi An; Mary Lussiana; House & Garden

Vietnam – Hoi An Ancient Town

Mary Lussiana heads east to discover the best food, furnishings and fashion in the Vietnamese port city


Hoi An has charm and buzz, and the old quarter is mainly closed to the waves of motorbikes that swarm the streets. So it’s perfect for a pavement seat to watch the women walk past, bamboo poles slung over their shoulders, selling fresh fruit. Morning Glory has long been the go-to restaurant, with queues a regular sight. Try the eponymous vegetable with garlic, or wontons with crabmeat. Much loved by the locals is Miss Ly Café, a family-run restaurant now in its third generation, which specialises in spring rolls and fried rice with shrimp and squid. For a blast of oh-so-welcoming air cond-itioning in the humid months, head to Home Hoi An. This small but sophisticated restaurant seems to be the top spot right now. Try the traditional Hoi An yellow noodles with pork char siu, or the unusual but exquisite lotus bud salad with pork and shrimp.


Along with Hoi An, My Son is a Unesco World Heritage site.

Source: Things to do in Hoi An | Travel


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