Cold but beautiful Cat Ba; Laurine; Travel Blog

Viet Nam – Ha Long Bay

It took us about three hours to get to Cat Ba, an island near Ha Long Bay, a UNESCO world heritage site. The weather was still grey and cold! We found a nice hotel, the Golden Holiday/An An for about £5 a night with very nice staff and generous breakfast included. We walked around Cat Ba town, where there is not much to do nor to see apart from hotels and restaurants. On the next day, we took a scooter to tour around the island. It was very cold and we added gloves to our next shopping list… We stopped at Cat Ba National Park. We didn’t have many expectations but we didn’t think we would have to sign up for a 2 hours hike. It was already midday, and we were just planning on a walk in the park! After half an hour walk, including 15 minutes of walking up stairs, and seeing nothing except from trees, grumpy me decided that I wasn’t really interested in walking another hour and a half to see more trees.

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