Best holiday destinations for your 2018 vacation; Jamie Goodwin; TimeOut Dubai

Malta – City of Valletta

13 top holiday spots around the world

Staycations are great, especially in the UAE, a country filled with glamorous five-star hotels, beautiful beach resorts and mind-blowing desert retreats. But sometimes you just need to climb aboard an aeroplane thesize of a small village to jet off to a far-flung corner of the globe. Here are our essential escapes for those suffering from some serious wanderlust.

Dust off your clogs in Amsterdam

The Dutch capital is known for many things, not least its impatient cyclists (cross roads carefully in this city or risk being taken out by a speeding bicycle) and, of course, its intricate system of canals. Its walkways are just as elaborate as its waterways, making Amsterdam a great city for those who enjoy wandering among beautiful architecture, quirky boutiques and interior design shops (stopping only to scoff a whole year’s worth of pancakes in one day). Then become one of the millions of visitors a year who stroll or cycle through the city’s huge green Vondelpark. Art aficionados won’t want to miss the Van Gogh Museum, while those taking a summer trip shouldn’t miss a canal cruise.

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