This Road Trip from Bangalore is Way Better than the Golden Triangle; Annabel Usher; Hostel World

India – Group of Monuments at Hampi

It goes without saying that it would take you years to experience even a taster of all that beautiful, exciting India has to offer. Spanning 29 states, 7 union territories and 3.3 million square kilometres, India ranges from serene rolling green lands to dry deserts to golden beaches to buzzing city vibes. If you’re looking to check four Indian states off your bucket list, here’s the lowdown on seven uniquely wonderful destinations for the ultimate road trip from Bangalore. This immense drive will take you in a loop from Bangalore to the best places to visit in South India! We can even help you with hiring a car!

This trip is bound to make a home in your heart and your memories forever


Why start your road trip from Bangalore? Well, Bangalore is the busy and bustling cosmopolitan hub, bang in the centre of South India. Capital city of Karnataka state, and dubbed the “Silicon Valley of India”, Bangalore has its tech industry (as well as its university) to thank for attracting a growing young population year on year, keeping it ever-trendy.

Source: This Road Trip from Bangalore is Way Better than the Golden Triangle


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