Romantic Locations To Celebrate The Day Of Love And Wine; World Inside Pictures

Czech Republic – Historic Centre of Prague

Are you planning to make a romantic getaway to run a little from everyday problems and chaos? Valentine’s day is perfect for such a occasion. If you are bored from the monotonous everyday check up this romantic locations that we have selected for you to celebrate the day of the love and the wine.

1. Aix-les-Bains France

Aix-les-Bains is one of our suggestions for you. With its characteristic and exceptional natural environment it will offer you some breathtaking panoramic viewpoints that you will keep in your heart forever. Placed on the coast of Le Bourget Lake, the biggest natural lake in France, this place is a real paradise on the Earth.

2. Bergen

Norway If you are more for a historical trip to a place that is full with history and tradition, then Bergen, Norway is ideal for you. Do you already imagine long walks hand in hand with your love, up and down Bergen’s cobbled streets, surrounded with small wooden houses and flowers gardens? Don’t wait and make your walk to remember in Bergen right now.

3. Brussels Belgium

Source: Romantic Locations To Celebrate The Day Of Love And Wine | World inside pictures


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