Skiing in Bansko • 13 Things You Need to Know; Natasha; The World Pursuit

Bulgaria – Pirin National Park

Skiing in Bansko, Bulgaria may be a fun way to spend a ski holiday. Or you may be waiting in lines the whole time. Here’s the low down on all you need to know.

We landed in Sofia dreary eyed and exhausted from an epic New Year’s Eve party in Edinburgh. Our plan was to go skiing in Bansko, Bulgaria’s most popular ski resort to warm up for our ski tour through the alps at a more affordable price. When we stepped off the three hour bus journey from Sofia to Bansko, we were greeted with the beautiful Piran mountains, ready for some adventure.

We learned a lot about having a ski holiday in this Bulgarian town, some good things, and some bad. It’s actually very hard to place a finger on how I felt after leaving Bansko, so I’ll try to break down some helpful tips about the experience here.

Get there early!

If there is one tip I can’t stress enough for your holiday in Bansko it is to arrive at the gondola station early. Especially on the weekend, school holidays, or high season.

Source: Skiing in Bansko • 13 Things You Need to Know


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