The 10 Most Amazing Island Cities Throughout the Globe; Luxatic

Croatia – Historic City of Trogir

Cities have existed for thousands of years. They’ve evolved so much from the ancient times, keeping pace with the technological growth and today we consider them the heart of any country. Not that we love them so much, but they offer all the means we need for housing, transportation, sanitation, utilities, land use and communication. Simply put, they’re comfortable.

We love some, we adore others, but sometimes we can hate them for their crowded streets, superficiality in human interaction, lack of opportunities or the bad services offered. For that matter, some of us would love to spend their life or at least a vacation now and then surrounded by a lovely countryside or on a nice island, but with all the comfort that a city provides.

Speaking of islands, there are several big, important cities around the world that have islands you can dream of or in some areas in the world there are even entire island cities that are not just impressive, but very attractive for both people seeking out to move in such a place or those who only want a getaway.

Source: The 10 Most Amazing Island Cities Throughout the Globe

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