25 Reasons to Scuba Dive Palau; Terr Ward; Scuba Diving

Palau – Rock Islands Southern Lagoon

This Micronesian paradise calls scuba divers back again and again with incredible drift dives, wall dives and more.

For divers who’ve been lucky enough to blow bubbles in the underwater wonderland that’s Palau (many of our readers, apparently!), one trip is never enough. And for those who’ve seen the remote Micronesian archipelago only in classic photos of tropical islands and massive sharks, we can promise you this: Palau delivers even beyond the hype, both above the surface and below. Wall dives teeming with big animals, macro life galore, impressive wrecks — it’s all waiting within one of the largest marine protected areas on the planet.


Passed in 2015, the Palau National Marine Sanctuary Act made the archipelago the sixth-largest fully protected marine reserve in the world. Eighty percent (193,000 square miles) of Palau’s maritime territory is a no-take zone, with fishing open to locals only — no foreign boats allowed — in just 20 percent of the country’s waters.


Source: 25 Reasons to Scuba Dive Palau

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