Whale-watching in Mexico’s answer to the Galápagos; Mike Unwin; Telegraph

Mexico – Islands and Protected Areas of the Gulf of California

Quick! Quick! She’s coming up again! – I leant over the side once more, reaching as deep as I dare. Just below my hand – rising slowly from shadowy suggestion into high-definition reality – was the head of a baby grey whale. The twin blowhole slits pucker as the animal prepares to exhale. Surely this time…

Pfff! The sea exploded in my face and suddenly I was touching rubbery flesh. The nose nudged the gunwale, prompting half a dozen hands to reach out in a frenzy of patting and scratching, as though this 16ft infant sea mammal was a long-lost family labrador.

Laying hands on a wild whale is, undeniably, a powerful experience. And the flood of emotion rather drowns the words of our skipper, Art Taylor. “Remember, it’s not whether you touched a whale,” he told us at an earlier briefing, “but whether a whale touched you.”

He’s right, of course: our craving for contact can blind us to the privilege of simply watching this extraordinary animal at such close quarters.

Source: Whale-watching in Mexico’s answer to the Galápagos


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