Elephanta festival to resume 9 years after 26/11; Mrityunjay Bose; Deccan Herald

India – Elephanta Caves
After a gap of nine years, Maharashtra government will start hosting its much famous Elephanta festival, which was stopped due to security concerns following the 26/11 terror attack in Mumbai.
The 29th edition of the Elephanta Festival would be held on 27-28 January, organised by the Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC).
To be held at the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the festival originally commenced in 1989 and is considered one of the most prominent festivals of the state which showcase dance, music and art in all its glory.
“The artists will interpret the different art forms and will also revive its eternal significance. The Elephanta Festival is the replication of the Maharashtrian culture, with vibrant colours, customs and traditions which depict the diversity of state’s rich culture and legacy,” Tourism and Employment Guarantee Scheme Minister Jaykumar Rawal said.
The Elephanta Island, where the festival happens is located around seven nautical miles off the Gateway of India and is a popular tourist destination. Administratively, it comes under the Uran taluka of Raigad district of Maharashtra.
The Elephanta Island or Gharapuri has three villages – Shetbandar, Morabandar and Rajbandar.

Source: Elephanta festival to resume 9 years after 26/11

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