50 Extremely Remote Castles; Family Handy Man

France – Mont-Saint-Michel and its Bay

If you’ve ever felt like getting away for a while we’ve got a list of places where you’ll feel like royalty. Check out 50 extremely remote castles.

Castle of Zafra, Campillo de Dueñas

This partly restored castle in Spain was built in the late 12th century or early 13th century. It holds the distinction of never being conquered. It also holds the distinction of appearing in “Game of Thrones” in three episodes.

The Castle of Jadraque, Jadraque, Castile-La Mancha, Spain

The site of this castle in located northeast of Madrid and has evidence of use since prehistoric time. It’s mention in the poem, “Cantar del Mio Cid.”

Isola di Loreto

Isola di Loreto is found northeast of Milan on Lago d’iseo and is a privately owned island. The castle got built in 1910 among traces of ruins.

Dunnottar Castle, Stonehaven Scotland

Dunnottar Castle is only accessible by winding staircases and bridges and has become an iconic setting for films and television. Disney’s “Brave” took inspiration from the site.

Mespelbrunn Castle, between Frankfurt and Wurzburg

Mespelbrunn Castle in Germany was completed in the 16th century as a Renaissance-style castle in a remote location.

Source: 50 Extremely Remote Castles


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