Must-see UNESCO european sites in danger; Maria Sergeeva; BEAM Travel

Serbia – Medieval Monuments in Kosovo

Yet when was the last time you were planning a Eurotrip and were torn between all those beautiful and so different countries? Not to mention this difficult choice between the cities an? especially places to visit when you finally make up your mind about the key countries. When it comes to planning a trip around a continent as beautiful and diverse as Europe, it is impossible to identify the best criteria. And what if we propose you the 25 Most Beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Europe, which seems already mission impossible, when each one is better than the other?

Even though the research has already been done for you by UNESCO? you will find a giant list of 1073 properties, 37 transboundary, 2 delisted, 54 in danger, 832 cultural, 206 natural and 35 mixed.

Almost incredible, but true. Some of European places of interest are in danger and not only armed conflicts and wars, earthquakes and other natural disasters pose major problems to World Heritage sites, but also pollution, poaching, uncontrolled urbanization and unchecked tourist development.

Source: Must-see UNESCO european sites in danger — BEAM Travel

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