UNESCO World Heritage Sites to Visit in Greece; Gabi Ancarola; Greek Reporter

Physical proof of Greece’s impressive past, visible through several archaeological sites, buildings, and monuments is the rich list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Greece, as the cradle of the occidental civilization, has left a deep imprint in the history of the world not only with concepts and ideas but also with its language. However, there is also physical proof of its impressive past still visible through several archaeological sites, buildings, and monuments. It should not come as a surprise that the country boasts a rich list of World Heritage Sites.

Greece currently counts with 18 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, 16 of them are inscribed on the list according to cultural criteria while the other two are included due to their natural richness as well; Meteora and Mount Athos.

A few of the sites are located on the islands, while majority of them belong to mainland. This first site to be inscribed on the list was Temple of Apollo Epicurius.

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