Russian Federation

Kazan: The Tatar ‘cooking pot’; Nayanima Basu; Hindu Business Line

Russia – Historic and Architectural Complex of the Kazan Kremlin

Older than its neighbour Moscow, the city of Kazan takes pride in history and harmony

A population of 3.8 million; a significant tourism hub; home to many religions and ethnicities… Kazan has quite a few feathers to flaunt. The capital of Tatarstan, a republic within the Russian Federation, has a skyline that reveals its age and modernity alike. Belfries and minarets stand in harmony with industrial buildings and government offices.

Unless you are a student of European history, you are not likely to grasp the depth of history that’s intrinsic to this region. Located to the east of Moscow, it takes a little more than an hour to reach Kazan by flight.

Situated on the banks of rivers Kazanka and Volga, in between Volga and Ural mountains, this port city has always boasted being a significant trading zone in Russia.

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