Soak up glorious Bath; Kent Messenger; Kent Online

UK – City of Bath

Immerse yourself in beautiful Bath boasting Britain’s only naturally hot thermal waters – making it the ultimate spa break.

Awkward Silence No.1

“So let me get this right. You lived in Bath for ten years?”


“And in all that time you never visited the Roman Baths? You never went inside Bath Abbey? You never even knew Jane Austen – one of literary’s greatest figures – had links to Bath?”

“Err, also correct”

Awkward Silence No.2

“Ok you cultural heathen, we are going to sort this out.”

And that is how, after more than 20 years away, I found myself wandering around the Royal Crescent at 10pm on a Friday evening once again marvelling at the golden stone and timeless architecture which make Bath such an exceptional city.

To be fair, I had always realised Bath is beautiful, but I was more interested in watching their rugby team.

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