Everglades Critical: Why A UN-Linked Group Gave Florida’s World Heritage Site A Dire Designation; Kate Stein; WLRN

USA – Everglades National Park

Everglades National Park is a World Heritage site, and it’s under siege from drought, invasive species and sea-level rise.

A report released in November 2017 highlighted exactly how threatened the park is. It came from the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, a group that advises the World Heritage, and it rated Everglades National Park’s conservation outlook “critical.”

WLRN’s Kate Stein spoke with Peter Shadie, a senior IUCN adviser, about the “critical” designation and why Everglades National Park was originally named a World Heritage site.

SHADIE: The only site in North America that’s ranked as critical is the Everglades. It’s global. There are 17 properties which were rated as critical in the outlook — 17 out of 241 [sites the IUCN evaluated]. Many of those are on the African continent and they reflect concerns with conflict, poaching and really serious loss of key species.

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