Kroměříž: the Palace of Bishops and Filmmakers; Jan Velinger; Radio Prague

Czech Republic – Gardens and Castle at Kroměříž

There is a Palace in Moravia like none other. You will find it in Kroměříž not far from the banks of the Morava river. What used to be a summer representative residence of the bishops and archbishops of nearby Olomouc, became a favorite film location. Inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage list, Kroměříž is a „must see” for all travelers in eastern Czechia.

Maybe you’ve seen the movie: it is a late 18th century. A darkened palace in Vienna on a cold winter evening. We can hear an elderly man, composer Salieri, calling the name of his rival Mozart, confessing to killing him. Then there are strange ominous sounds from the locked composer’s chamber.

As two servants break in using force, they find bleeding Salieri who evidently tried to cut his own throat. They rush the old man along the streets.

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