Germany’s UNESCO World Heritage site: the oldest Ice Age artworks; Elisabeth Yorck von Wartenburg; Deutsche Welle

Germany – Caves and Ice Age Art in the Swabian Jura

The six caves holding the oldest figurative artworks made by humans were discovered in the Swabian Alp region. In 2017 they have been declared a UNESCO World Heritage site.

In its annual list “52 Places To Go,” the New York Times recommends Germany’s western states as a travel destination for 2018. “Nowhere is the spirit of Teutonic tolerance more alive than in the country’s progressive western states, abloom with new visitor draws like the ancient Ice Age cave art in the Jura Plateau, inscribed on Unesco’s World Heritage list in 2017”.

The Venus of Hohle Fels

This curvaceous lady, called the Venus of Hohle Fels, is the world’s oldest depiction of a human. She is the most famous of the more than 50 figurines that remained hidden for 40,000 years in caves in the Swabian Alps. The ivory figurine is held at Blaubeuren Museum.

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