The unsung capitals of the world; Tim Pile; SCMP

Switzerland – Old City of Berne

From Bern and Brasilia to Wellington, these first cities remain under the radar

United States President Donald Trump’s recent decision to recog­nise Jerusalem, rather than Tel Aviv, as the capital of Israel means that for the time being, the most populous city in the country is also the capital, at least to American eyes. This isn’t always the case elsewhere, however, and pub quiz contestants are forever forgetting the following cities rule the roost in their respective nations.

1 Ottawa (Population 1.25 million)

The capital of Canada was chosen by Queen Victoria after politicians were unable to reach an agreement. Some say the British monarch selected the small logging town by sticking a hat-pin in a map; others believe she was inspired by a watercolour painting of the area. In reality, there were few other settle­ments on the frontier between Ontario and Quebec.

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