Stars Wars has inspired more people to travel to Ireland; Travel at 60; Starts At 60


Welcome to Luke Skywalker’s home.

The Star Wars galaxy may be found far, far away, but the locations used for the films are very close to home. So close, in fact, that the movie has inspired people to travel to a remote island in Ireland.

The location in question is the isolated island that Luke Skywalker lives on in seclusion in self-imposed exile. But his secret getaway is none other than Skellig Michael Island, a UNESCO World Heritage site that is accessible by boat.

Travel companies offer tours of the island, which include a walk or climb around the scenic locale. You won’t be alone though, there are plenty of puffins that call this place home, which has left us scratching our heads about just how the film makers managed to film Star Wars without any making an appearance.

Along with puffins, there are also gannets.

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