V18 expected to lead to 7-10% increase in tourism this year– Jason Micallef; Joanna Demarco The Malta Independent

Malta – City of Valletta

With the opening of Valletta 2018 just a few days away, The Malta Independent on Sunday spoke to Chairman of the v18 Foundation Jason Micallef about the upcoming programme, plans for once V18 ends and issues which have cropped up in relation to the festival.

The opening of V18 has been called a ‘festa’, a typical Maltese celebration. Keeping the European context in mind, how do things like the European diversity angle fit in?

The word festa is universal. We thought it was very important to have a European and international dimension in whatever we do. There, in one word, we are putting together what 2018 means for us: a festaFesta means a large amount of colours, happiness, faces and diversity. A festa is unifying. Hispanics, English, Italians all recognise the word. To me it was a brilliant idea.

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