50 Reasons Seoul Should Be at the Top of Your Bucket List; Simone Castello; Reader’s Digest

Republic of Korea – Royal Tombs of the Joseon Dynasty

There’s a reason Seoul was the 10th most visited city in the world in 2016. (More like 50 reasons, as it turns out!) Here’s what helped draw an astonishing 10-million overnight visitors to the South Korean capital last year.

1. N Seoul Tower

Built in 1969, it wasn’t until 1980 that N Seoul Tower opened to the public. Since then, it’s become an iconic landmark and a point of pride on the Seoul skyline. It’s home to two restaurants and for about $10 CAD, you can venture up to the observation deck for a stunning 360-degree view of Seoul.

Location: 105 Namsangongwon-gil, Yongsan 2(i)ga-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul

2. Locks of Love

Though it’s now a familiar sight in romantic cities around the world, Seoul can proudly say it was one of the first to play host to “Locks of Love.”

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