San Marino Is the Least-Visited Country in Europe and Is Absolutely Stunning; Brittany Gibson; Reader’s Digest

San Marino – San Marino Historic Centre and Mount Titano

Next time you’re in Europe, this small country definitely deserves a visit.

Europe is full of incredibly beautiful destinations—like this underwater restaurant and these breathtaking romantic cities. But with so many picturesque locations to visit, unfortunately, some hidden beauties can be overlooked. Ever heard of San Marino? If not, let us introduce you to the seriously underrated and least-visited country in Europe.

According to the World Tourism Organization, San Marino only had 60,000 tourists visit in 2016, which is less than any other European country. The gorgeous microstate is only 23.6 square miles and has a population of 32,140, according to the World Atlas.

If you’re visiting from Italy, there’s a cable car that will lift you up to Mount Titano, which is where San Marino is situated. Yes, this small country is located on a mountain. Views of Italy are astonishing.

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