Roaming Around Romania – A Guide to The Country’s Majestic Castles And Culinary Delights; Jim Gallagher; Luxury Escape

Romania – Villages with Fortified Churches in Transylvania

It’s best known as the home of Dracula but Transylvania, Romania has much more to offer than stories of a fictional blood-sucking count. Tourist bosses will tell you there is a whole plethora of reasons why you should visit this beautiful, mountainous region of central Romania.

And it has nothing to do with a vampire invented by Irishman, Bram Stoker, who never set foot in Transylvania once in his life.

They want to promote its beautiful Carpathian Mountains, its stunning UNESCO heritage-listed medieval cities, its hiking and skiing possibilities, along with its lively nightlife and exciting cuisine.

Transylvania is not a one-trick pony so you don’t have to wait for Halloween to visit this land with the famously eerie name. There was history, beauty, culture here long before Hollywood came to town. Transylvania was an eye-opener for this first time visitor.

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