Two decades of sea turtle data in Seychelles helps researchers understand threats; Salifa Karapetyan; SNA

Seychelles – Aldabra Atoll

Data analysis of 20 years of turtle monitoring on Aldabra is helping Seychelles Islands Foundation (SIF) officials observe the movement patterns of these sea creatures and be in a better position to understand threats they may face at different stages of their life.

The in-water tagging and monitoring of both the hawksbill and green turtles on Aldabra were initiated in 1986 by Jeanne Mortimer. After several years, the project was handed over to the staff of the foundation on Aldabra.

“Further understanding of these movement patterns will mean that turtles can be protected across the Seychelles,” said Lorraine Cook, a volunteer on Aldabra.

She added that “this monitoring is also valuable for the wider scientific community because there has been a lot of research done on turtle nesting but more information is needed on their developmental and foraging stages.”

Aldabra is a UNESCO Heritage Site in Seychelles.

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