Teohuatican and Xochimilco: Two Fantastic Day Trips in Mexico; Nirmala Venkatesh; GoNOMAD Travel

Mexico – Pre-Hispanic City of Teotihuacan

Two memorable day trips from Mexico City, Teohuatican Pyramid complex and the water gardens of Xochomilco, which offer history and relaxation for visitors.

It is not uncommon for visitors to Mexico City to squeeze in a day trip or two.

If you have just a couple of days, I would suggest that you select Teotihuacan (pronounced Teo-thi-wa-kan) as your first pick with Xochimilco (So-chi-mil-ko) coming in a distant second.

Both places are deserving UNESCO World Heritage sites and Teotihuacan is guaranteed to take your breath away.

Our guide Jorge Mendoza (contact jorgemendozaturismo@live.com or + 52 55 3660 8182), a remarkable storyteller, provided the historical and cultural contexts to the places we visited.

As with other civilizations around the world, the Mesoamericans worshipped the forces of nature and the Sun had a special place in their pantheon because it sustained all life force.

Pyramids Doubled as Altars

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