St. Petersburg’s charming cityscape; Alfred Ocianas; Sun Star

Russia – Historic Centre of Saint Petersburg and Related Groups of Monuments

WHEN in search of an ultimate getaway, I consider going at my own unhurried style, on my own budget, without breaking the bank. While this is true for all types of travelers, I also factor in the language and the people of the city I go to.

“Isn’t it daunting to wander around Russia?” I asked Pinky who egged me on to join her for a whirlwind weekend.

Concerned that English is hardly used in the country, I could only imagine the intimidating atmosphere there.

“Let’s take a daring adventure laden with uncertainty!” she said.

My wariness took a backseat. I was distracted by the tempting off-season air ticket rates and the idea of shelling out Russian rubles, similar to spending in pesos.

Cultural treasure

The morning air was bitterly cold outside Pulkovo Airport.

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